Rubber Compounds

Allmake Rollers rubber compounds dedicated exclusively to the roller industry. At our rubber compounding facility we have the capability and capacity to both formulate and manufacture a range of rubbers for the print industry. Conventional, UV or Dual purpose makes no difference we have the compounds available in a range of hardness.

We are the industry; we know its requirements; its manufacturing processes, from bonding, all methods of fabricating, to curing and finishing; and we have a deep knowledge of the end-user application rollers. This inherent expertise ensures that we are ideally suited to meet all your rubber requirements for roller covering. We offer a wide variety of elastomer's in a full range of hardnesses and colours. Our state of the art laboratory facilities and experienced staff provide unrivalled technical support. In our purpose built manufacturing facility we are equipped to deliver quality product in strip, mill slab, or calendered sheet form.

In the changing world of print there has been a constant need to seek out better rubber compounds to match the current trend of the day. As a roller manufacturer Allmake are continually striving to meet the challenges that these changes present.

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