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In the rapidly changing world of print there is an ever increasing need to improve quality, improve productivity and improve just about anything and everything associated with it.

Not least in the minds of every printer, is legislation being thrust upon them to reduce or eliminate the use of alcohol. This requirement cannot be ignored and everyone should be seen to be doing their bit in order to achieve it.

Whilst the consumable/chemical supplier`s are making the effort to conform, as a roller manufacturer we also have a leading role to play. As a result Allmake Rollers have spent a considerable amount of time and effort in formulating a compound that offers exceptional hydrophilic properties. This in turn offers a high degree of controlled wetability coupled with excellent ink/water balance at the lower nip settings. As a further consequence of these properties, one can expect to see lower absorption of water by the ink, which could reduce ink consumption without loss of image gloss.

Extensive field trials on various printing machines including Roland, Heidelberg and Komori etc., have proved very successful, therefore, we are now confident in offering this compound as a genuine alternative to foreign competitors products.

The initial cost of covering rollers in these new grades can soon be recovered by the savings made on the alcohol. Therefore, not only are there environmental benefits, significant cost savings are also there to be made.

Ask yourself the question, can you afford to ignore these benefits? We think not.

Compounds are available in a range of hardness and for use with both conventional and UV printing.