Engineering Facilities

For many years Allmake Rollers has specialised in the manufacture of Plastic and Rubber rollers, the production department is supported by a very well equipped Engineering Department manned by skilled engineers.

The Engineering Department is capable of handling the following:

  • Manufacturing complete rollers from your design/drawings
  • AutoCAD and Cad/Cam facilities
  • The manufacture of cores to close tolerances.
  • The repair of damaged rollers including the restoration of journals and bores.
  • Grinding steel rollers.
  • Balancing (static and dynamic) is an additional service from Allmake Rollers when needed.
  • We also make Tooling and Fixtures for other industries such as Automotive and Aerospace.
  • Low to Medium volume components- CNC Turning & Milling
  • We configure and produce special rollers, stocks etc for our customers.

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